I Suggest That Everybody Relax

Living in a new county all too often
I live in Portland with my English twit of a boyfriend, who will always insist on eating jelly and butter with toast.

I waste my time baking, whining and taking photos. When I'm not participating in my life, I'm at work, working for an International Grocery Company called Delhaize Group. I develop people that are 4 times my age to be good Leaders.
80's music, ac/dc, antiflag, anything 80's, art, ballons, barbie pink, baths, beastie boys, benches, blankets, bob dylan, bouncing souls, boys, brownies, bubble wrap, bubbles, cake, candy, cardboard boxes, cart wheels, cartoon, catch-22, cereal, cherries, chocolate, chucks, climbing trees, colored hair, comic books, cotton, crayons, dancing, david bowie, dead kennedys, doc martins, doggies, drawing, drinking through straws, dropkick murphy's, duct tape, easter bunny, erica days, fairy tales, fishies, flogging molly, fuzzy slippers, getting lost, glitter, goonies, guitar, gum, gummie bears, hair dye, harold and maude, holding hands, hooligans, hula hoops, hyperness, ice cream, iggy pop, jumping, jumping in leaf piles, kicking things, kisses, late nights, leg warmers, leggos, local shows, loud people, making messes, mango, markers, max, max in general, max's eyes, merry-go-rounds, mohawks, monty python, mosh pits, nerf herder, nice people, nightmare before christmas, oil paints, painting, pajamas, peanutbutter, people's hands, pillow fights, plays, poetry, poets, polka dots, rainbows, red bikes, red shoes, reel big fish, rugby, scarves, screaming matches, shaggy hair, sharpies, shiny things, shooting stars, shopping carts, shows, ska, sledding, sparkles, stars, stickers, stiff hair, strawberries, stretch jeans, sugar, sunglasses, superman underwear, surprises, swimming, teenage mutant ninja tutles, the b-52s, the beatles, the breakfast club, the clash, the cranberries, the drags, the foodstamps, the mighty mighty bosstones, the smiths, the who, the yarbles, theater, trampolines, tsunami bomb, underwear, velvet underground, west side story, writing, yelling, you