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13 August 2009 @ 05:52 pm
Hell yeah  
I'm not even really sure why I still drag myself back to Live Journal... I guess I feel bad when I don't update this... even though I now have a running blog and facebook is really the best way to follow me around the world.

Going to Belgium very very soon so I gotta make some changes quick:

Smoking and drinking out - Drink water in
Crazy diets out -  Walking more is in
Ass hole bosses out - getting a dog in
Renting movies from block buster out - Renting movies from netflix in
Spending money when shit faced black out on more beer out - saving money for personal travel in
Shitting music out - good music in
Giving a damn out
Scuba diving lessons in
Going back to school in
New relationships in
Baking cupcakes just becauses, back in
Yoga back in
Stupid boyfriends out
Mend old bridges in
Shitty clothing out
feeling guilty out
Once a week art night at Mel's back in
Ice Cream in
Being in an apartment that is surrounded by brand new babies on both sides of the house crying all the time, out
Cleaning my shitty apartment all the time, out
New skills in

So as you can see I got a lot of work cut out  and it tends to be harder for me to get rid of things than it is to add new things.

I went to Burlington recently and had a blast. Way too much beer and ice cream for a 4 day period.

Really addicted to the yeah yeahs right now, I know don't even get me started about how shitty they are I go through stages...

I really wish it were easier to upload photos on here, I would totally do it more if it were.

well take care for now I'm out of the country for some time.